​Networking Like a Pro Made Easy 

My experience over the years including the good, the bad and the ugly ones; have made me understand that the best relationship and networking comes from a genuine and sincere mind, not just in the business card you exchange.

No matter your profession; always have it in mind that networking is the fuel that accelerates the success you crave for.

I’m still learning though, and my continuous process  of learning is really helping me to build authority in my field of play…

But how do you foster connection when you speak with someone you’re meeting for the first time?

I know networking can leave you with a bad feeling; the challenges may be that you don’t know how to start, what to say, how to build and maintain the right value adding relationships.

But then, I’m going to distill out the basic guide to networking, including what I’ve learned over the past few years of my life as a thought leader:

1. Your Mindset
Your mindset matters a million times; I have this mentality that people who approach top investors and other influential dignitaries for innovative ideas and aid are people like me, and it is likely that these guys are in need of creative and bold minds to INVEST on. So if you’ve discovered a problem of common interest with SMART solution; then step out to get the right investor.

2. Do Your Research Well

No investor or potential client wants to give attention to an individual who haven’t gain mastery and competence in the business he/she is offering. Just do your researches well, understand the market and product value; these will help you attract potential customers, partners and investors who will help you in accomplishing those goals faster.

3. Connect
Networking with successful legends, who are doing well in your field of play can make your vision a reality, don’t do it alone. Have a vision board and a list of those you want to connect with, make them your mentors and role models, and invest in the relationship till you win their heart.

They matter! Don’t give up until you’ve reached them.
Do you have people you’re looking forward to connect with? Then carry on with the right strategy…

But if you feel you don’t know how to get them at your finger tip. JUST REACH OUT TO ME, I could help out.

Guest Author: Emmanuel Victor Peter
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