A Message to Those With Indecision 


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
 The thought-provoking quote from Tony Robbins really hit my mind and made me think on. If there’s a key to success, this is it. The minute you make a new decision, you set in motion a new cause, effect, direction, and destination for your life.

Success indeed is a serious business. Knowing you got great talent and skill isn’t enough to motivate you. You must decide to consistently put it to action. No man ever succeeds without an element of decision. Making decision leads to taking action. And taking action leads to taking control of your life.

Decision energizes you to rise each time issues of life strikes you down. People often say that they find it hard to make decisions. Unfortunately we all have to make decisions all the time, ranging from trivial issues like what to have for lunch, right up to life-changing decisions like the kind of career to pursue, where and what to study, and who to marry.

Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed by the plethora of information available that we fail to make any decision. Indecision limit your abilities like no other factor.

An aide once asked Ulysses S. Grant if he was always right.

“No! I am not, but in war anything is better than indecision. We must decide. If I am wrong we shall soon find out and can do the other thing. But not to decide . . . may ruin everything.”  He  confidently assert.

Never regret making the wrong decision. Indecision is a decision within itself. And indecision is worst than wrong decision.

The more decisions you make, the more successful you will be. The correctness of your decision is irrelevant.


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