Fear is Not Real So is Failure

Failure; the one word that makes everyone scared and sad. Failure; the one event that leaves many devastated, frustrated and incompetent. 

Many people are so scared of failing that they never make a move and hence become failures, how ironic. What’s the true definition of failure? Why are people so scared of failing?

What if I tell you that failure does not exist? It is invincible like fear and exist only in the mind. Fear is not real so is failure. Failure doesn’t exist, we choose to make it exist or not. At this point you might be thinking and waiting for me to give you one magical means to avert or dodge the term called “failure” but I won’t. I actually don’t have that magic to avert it but I have a means  to move away from it.

Tell me a man who has achieved great success and I will tell you a man who faced the obstacle called failure. Abraham Lincoln who became the 16th president of the United States of America in 1860 and one of the greatest president to ever rule America failed successively for 14 years. He lost one election and another, he lost his family members. He was not just a failure, he was unlucky, the bad omen had been attached to him adhesively.

At a seminar in November, I spoke about Lincoln, I told the audience that as a matter of fact Abraham Lincoln was successful in failing. But today when the world speaks about Abraham Lincoln, nobody calls him a failure, not one person. They accord success to his personality.

Oh!!! Did I miss something? But he failed for 14 years before becoming the president. But he couldn’t win elections, but he lost a lot of things, so jus one big achievement will cover for the 14 years of failure?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!One big achievement will not only cover but bury the years of failure.

Abraham Lincoln never gave up, he never STOPPED at the point where he failed, he kept pushing on and that’s the difference between a successful man and a failure.

The successful man never stops at the point of failing because he knows very well that failing is an event; it is temporary and not permanent. He knows that failing is not fatal, it is just a phase of life that will pass if you don’t stop at that phase, he knows it is meant to spice up his success story if he refuses to stop.

He knows that failure is not his final STOP. He is aware of the fact that failure can become a phase or a place depending on his decision to stop or press-on.

The failures of life STOP at the site of this setback. They refuse to fight. They are devastated and confounded. They mourn that event for the rest of their lives. They do not understand that failing is a phase and not a place, they stop at the phase of failure and begin to make it a place in their life.

This is the truth about failure. Failing is not Failure, it is stopping at the phase of Failing that it transmutes/metamorphose into Failure.

Never STOP at the site of failure, it is only a phase and not a place.

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