Knowledge Put To Work Works 

There is a sleeping potential in us that must be awakened. As I have always averred, knowledge (both of ourself & those/things around you) can generate great ideas. One of the greatest Philosophers ever lived, named Socrate, once adviced, “Man Know Thyself”. 
How do you get knowledge? 

By going for it through diligent search day in day out. 

After acquiring knowledge, then what?

You must activate your knowledge by putting it to work. Exercising your knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself. A dormant knowledge is not better than ignorance. Putting knowledge to work requires you yielding yourself to continuous and consistent practice, learning from mistakes and putting the lessons learnt to work. Problems are hidden solutions that can be unveiled through working knowledge. 

With consistent practice, much not imagined can be achieved. Practice is nothing more than immediate preparation for outstanding potential maximization. Useful knowledge not put to work becomes useless. 

“Today knowledge has power” says Peter Drucker. “It controls access to opportunity and advancement”. To be relevant and useful to the society, you must seek knowledge and much more, activate your knowledge by putting it to work.



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