Things To Do On a Distant Road Trip 

Distant road trips can be a blast—or they can be boring, exhausting endeavors. With a bit of preparation, you can make sure you survive your trip with your sanity intact .

Traveling is part of learning. Unfortunately, being on the road for 5—12 hours (or even more) with your buttocks rocking the seat of the car or bus isn’t a funny show. For most of us, is a frustrating part of life. 

I find it’s easier if I occupy myself with things I like to do, so it doesn’t feel like I’m “wasting time” while on the trip.

You can productively invest this time. Remember, time is a precious resources that when lost, it can never be regained. Hence, I have put together things you can do while on this kind of trip. 

I hope you find it interesting and fun. 

#1 Network 
Talk to someone instead of siting stillFind out their name. Ask them what they do. You might be siting next to your future client. 

#2 Deep Reflection 
Taking a few minutes to have some quiet reflection time can be energizing. The key is to think about yourself, where you are and your ultimate goals. 

#3 Make a to-do list
What things have been floating in your mind but you haven’t written them down? This is the time to organize them. With the inception of technology, there are Note apps on your smartphone you can use just in case you don’t have pen and paper. Pen down:

  • Grocery list 
  • Menu Plan 
  • Things to do 
  • Errands to run 
  • Books to read 
  • People to call

#4 Read a Book 

Reading can be a wonderful experience while on motion.It is easier to do than ever before with books available in electronic format, read and listen to any kind of book you desire. 

#5 Gratitude 
What are you grateful for?  Search within you and you will discover. Finding and listing things you are very grateful for can soul lifting. bring you much joy.

#6 Make a List of Positive Things in Your Life 
Over the past week, month and year, what positive things have you experienced? This practice is an amazing way to shift your attention to the good, happy things occurring in your life.

#7 Check and Reply Emails 
Due to our busy schedule, we find it tasking to keep up to our daily mail received. This is an opportunity to keep up to date your email requests.

#8 Watch YouTube Videos 
We are in digital era where information we are not cut off  from information except one choose to be. On YouTube, there are millions of powerful videos that can change the cause of your life such as TedX videos (where ideas worth sharing are shared)  or you can resort to funny rib cracking videos.

#9 Call and Text Someone 
Call and speak to someone you never seem to find the time to talk with. Text someone you care about and tell them you love them. This is an excellent way to make someone’s day!

#10 Memorize Famous Quotes 
Memorize the quotes that inspire you the most. When you begin to feel discouraged, remember these inspirational quotes. Do this and you will see how energized you will become. 

#11 Engage in a Meaningful Conversation With Friends On Social Media And Update Your Profile

Most persons are on at least one social media platform. I am 99% convinced that you my dearest reader is on social media. Why not chat up old friends, update your profile, share post, tweet, comment, like and their likes.?  

#12 Listen to songs

Get your headphone and listen to jams of your favorite artist.  

#13 Download and play games
Download new game or play and an old one. You can play Scrabble or Words With Friends (to improve your vocabulary) or chess (to improve your strategy and cognitive prowess)… Just enjoy a game!

#14 Surf the Internet 
There are lots of information on the web. You can surf the internet for latest news, entertainment, politics, fashion and what’s trending.


What are you doing to make your commute less stressful?

Do you have a favorite app that helps?

Do you have other suggestions for exercises, lists, learning something new?

We’d all love to hear them! Please share in the comments section.

Safe Trip!

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