Write For Us

Hello, I’m Harrison. I am super excited to announce that, Acha Harrison’s Blog is now accepting guest post. I welcome and love new contributions on my blog. Here is a short guideline on how to get started.
  • Posts typically should be a minimum of 450 words.
  • Your post should be related  to Inspiration & personal development. It could be a story, video, poem etc. Just be creative! 
Topic hint:
Positive Thinking, GoalsCareer / Interview, Testimonies, Stories, Infographics 
Inspiration/Motivation, Experience (The good, bad and the ugly)
Strengths / Weaknesses, Self Understanding, Leadership
Life Purpose / Passion / Vision, Assertiveness / Attitude 
Decision / Taking Action, LessonsTime Management 
Esteem, Religious / Faith Self Help, Self / Skills Assessment, Self Control / Will Power 

Creativity, Innovation, Ideas, Expression of Feelings., Strategic Thinking, Stress and Time Management.

These are just hints, you’re not to be restricted to just this. Feel free to exercise your ingenuity and creative ability and expertise.

You can forward your article in .docx format to us via achaharrison@gmail.com with the subject titled ‘Guest Post‘. The .docx should contain your name and contact information. Thereafter, your article will be considered for publishing and response will be emailed to you. 

Please note:

  • Only original content with be accepted. Contents that violate copyright policy will be gunned down.
  • Duplicate content either on your personal blog or other blog won’t be accepted.
  • At present, there’s no compensation for contributors. Hopefully, this might become a reality in the nearest future. So don’t be discouraged.
  • By submitting your content to AHB, I have been given the right to edit typos and  publish.
  • Once post is published, ensure you are available to respond to questions and contribution.
  • Lastly, when post is published, ensure you share it on all your social media platforms so that we reach our target audience and inspire them which is our goal.

Looking forward to your article. Till then, stay inspired!